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UHMW sheet II Empire Plastics Sioux Falls SD UHMW Profiles Empire Plastics, Sioux Falls, SD

UHMW is a tough, wear resistant plastic that combines an incredibly low coefficient of friction with outstanding impact strength.  This self-lubricating polymer has excellent chemical resistance and a broad temperature range to make it the perfect choice for engineers in a variety of industries.  UHMW is available in sheet and rod.

Empire Plastics stocks this material in sheets from 1/18" up to 2" thick and rods from 3/4" dia. up to 6" dia.  Thicker sheets and larger rods are available upon request.

We also offer many different UHMW profiles for chain guides, roller chain profiles, V and round roller belt profiles.  Contact us for more information.


  • Wear Strips and Guide Rails for Conveyors
  • Chute, Hopper and Truck Bed Liners
  • Star Wheels, Sprockets and Conveyor Tracks
  • Bumpers and Dock Fenders
  • Bushings, Bearings and Rollers


  • Wear-resistant
  • Low Coefficient of Friction
  • Outstanding Impact Strength
  • Self-lubricating
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Broad Temperature Range


  • Rochling
  • Artek
  • Polymer Logo II

Our friendly sales staff is ready to assist you with your plastic needs.  We have many years of experience working with various industries from food processing & material handling to glazing applications & the sign industry.  In  addition to stocking sheet and rod, we fabricate!  With our CNC equipment, we can run simple cut pieces & blanks or more complex items such as bearings, bushings and wear strips or profiles.  Call us today!

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