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Cast Nylon Empire Plastics Sioux Falls SD

Nylon provides excellent sliding properties and impact resistance and is commonly used in applications requiring larger parts.  Special grades are available specific to your application.  For example, Natural Nylon is used in food processing; MoS or Molly filled is enhanced to provide extra lubricity;  Oil-filled was developed to improve the frictional properties and HiTemp is used in applications where 230° F is the continuous operating temp.


  • Gears
  • Sheaves
  • Sprockets
  • Sliding Pads
  • Wear Shoes
  • Thrust Washers
  • Outrigger Pads


  • Excellent Sliding Properties
  • Continuous Use Temperature of 200°F
  • High Moisture Absorption of up to 3%
  • High Mechanical and Impact Strength
  • Highly Resistant to Hydrocarbons, Alkalis and Oils
  • Excellent Machinability
  • Natural is FDA Compliant


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  • Zl Engineering Plastics
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Our friendly sales staff is ready to assist you with your plastic needs.  We have many years of experience working with various industries from food processing & material handling to glazing applications & the sign industry.  In  addition to stocking sheet and rod, we fabricate!  With our CNC equipment, we can run simple cut pieces & blanks or more complex items such as bearings, bushings and wear strips or profiles.  Call us today!

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