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Architectural Plastics

For the glass shop industry, we stock acrylic and polycarbonate sheets in various thicknesses and sheet sizes.  Colors, patterns and other options are also available.  In addition, we can fabricate these materials - display cases, shelves, risers, machine guards - you name it, we can make it!  For more information, check out our fabrication section or give us a call.


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Crystal clear, impact resistant and weather resistant, acrylic is ideal for fabrication and glazing applications.

Makrolon Empire Plastics Sioux Falls SD


With an outstanding balance of properties, polycarbonate is one of the most versatile products available. It is used in medical devices, sporting equipment, electronics, glazing applications and machine guards, just to name a few. Durable, yet optically clear.


Security Glazing

Increasing violent crime, readily available weapons and larger glazed areas in modern detention center designs have created a need for higher performing security glazing materials. From containment grade to bullet resistant, Makrolon Hygard has you covered.


Our friendly sales staff is ready to assist you with your plastic needs.  We have many years of experience working with various industries from food processing & material handling to glazing applications & the sign industry.  In  addition to stocking sheet and rod, we fabricate!  With our CNC equipment, we can run simple cut pieces & blanks or more complex items such as bearings, bushings and wear strips or profiles.  Call us today!

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