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Reprocessed UHMW!!

October 2, 2019

Did you know that UHMW is available in reprocessed form?  It is!  This material is an excellent choice for non-food applications because not only is it economical, but environmentally friendly as well.  Reprocessed UHMW retains many of the qualities of virgin UHMW like durability, versatility, machinability, and impact & chemical resistance.  In addition, it has an extremely low coeffecient of friction and inherent lubricity, making it the perfect choice for non-food applications such as conveying, material handling and packaging.  Contact us today to see if Reprocessed UHMW is right for you!

Our friendly sales staff is ready to assist you with your plastic needs.  We have many years of experience working with various industries from food processing & material handling to glazing applications & the sign industry.  In  addition to stocking sheet and rod, we fabricate!  With our CNC equipment, we can run simple cut pieces & blanks or more complex items such as bearings, bushings and wear strips or profiles.  Call us today!

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